Train information

The Light Train in Jerusalem is the first public transportation system in Israel that operates with preference and priority at traffic lights.
In the stations and carriages, information is displayed to the passengers in real-time and passengers with disabilities enjoy full and convenient access.
Thanks to the Light Train, the traffic load on the city roads was reduced and the quality of life and the environment has improved significantly.
The train engines are almost silent and its ride is quiet, therefore it does not constitute a noise nuisance to the environment.
As a result of the operation of the Light Train, the level of air pollution on Jaffa Street decreased by about 90 percent.
Noise levels along the line have dropped significantly, and if in the past Jaffa Street was crowded with cars and polluted with exhaust fumes, since the advent of the Light Train, the street has become
a modern, peaceful, flourishing and vibrant city center

An urban Light Train is an established and common means of transportation in the world for mass transportation but new to Israel.

Jerusalem, Israel's capital and largest city has become the first, and thus far, the only city in the country where a Light Train operates.

* Accuracy percentage on arrival at the stations - 100%
* Number of passengers this month - 4,000,000
* Response times at the Call Center - 00:00:28
* Waiting times at the Service Center - 00:00:31
* Decrease in air pollution percentages as a result of reduced vehicle traffic on the road - 90%
* In comparison of arrival times between the Light Train and a private vehicle during rush hour - saving 30 minutes or more

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