Automatic Ticket Stations

For your convenience, we have installed between two and five automatic ticketing machines at each of the Light Rail stops, with at least one on every platform.

You can use these machines to purchase one-trip paper tickets for a single Light Rail ride and to load your Rav-Kav card. You can also purchase tickets
and charge the cards in the machine using credit cards or cash (bills or coins).
 The machines are operated simply and easily by means of the buttons situated on the side of the screen.

First, choose the language in which the operating instructions will be displayed: Hebrew, English, or Arabic.
After choosing the language, instructions will be given on each screen for continuing the requested action.
To load a Rav-Kav card, first place the card in the designated location on the machine. When the card is placed on the machine, the current state of your trip balances will appear on the screen.

•On the main screen there is an option to purchase a one-time paper ticket with no receipt.
•After selecting fast purchase, insert the appropriate means of payment.
•On the main screen there is an option to purchase other paper tickets.
•Select type of card.
•After selecting type of card, select the required quantity. Then, on the payment screen, insert payment type.
If you require a receipt, press RECEIPT prior to inserting the means of payment.

For your information:
•There is no minimum limit on a purchase by means of a credit card.
•Payment by cash is limited to up to 15 coins per one transaction.
•Change is limited to NIS 20 given per transaction.
•The types of bills that can be used in a transaction vary according to its cost and they appear at the bottom of the payment screen

You may also load Rav-Kav cards using the Rav-Kav website or the smartphone application available for free download on most devices.

Please note: According to the Ministry of Transportation’s instructions, every card loaded with any contract whatsoever is to be validated on every Light Rail trip immediately upon boarding the train, including the transfers between a bus and the Light Rail or between trains and also when the card is loaded with a seasonal or special contract

According to the law, and on the instructions of the Ministry of Transportation. it is compulsory to purchase a suitable ticket in advance, to validate it immediately in the machine every time you board the train, and to ensure validation has been carried out successfully.
A passenger who is found without a ticket, or with a ticket that has not been validated, will be subject to an increased charge
(Increased charge: The full price of the journey with an additional fine of NIS 180).
At ticket inspection, passengers must present or give their ticket to the train official when asked to do so.
Tickets cannot be purchased on the train | Retain your ticket for inspection until after you complete your journey and leaving the station.

General Information