Discounts and special eligibility

Adult (18+)

Any passenger who is not entitled to a designated discount on the price of the travel ticket/card, each passenger must be equipped in advance with a travel ticket/card for the Light Train, and validate it immediately upon boarding the train.

You can get a multi-line (Rav-Kav) card and recharge it in advance or a Single trip ticket on the Light Train only, which does not allow continued travel on trains or buses.


Attention! The use of a one-time paper travel ticket, which allows a single trip without the possibility of switching between train cars, trains and buses, is now valid for the day of purchase only.

Senior Citizens

An Israeli resident has turned: A man - 67 years, a woman - 62 years.

A senior citizen is entitled to a discount of 50% of the travel price when the contract is purchased using the travel card (Rav-Kav) in the appropriate profile.


A student studying at an educational institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education. A student card and a valid study certificate must be provided for the purpose of updating the appropriate profile on the Rav-Kav travel card.
The educational institute must have an arrangement with the Ministry of Transport. You can check entitlement here

Students who want to issue a multi-line (Rav-Kav) card with a student profile, or update the profile with their multi-line (Rav-Kav) card to a Student Profile, or extend the validity of their student profile and are entitled to that - are requested to do so as soon as possible.

For this purpose, you must go to one of the Ministry of Transport's "on the line" centers, the Egged Service Centers at Central Station or the Cfir Service Center near the Cinema City, with an ID card, and bring a valid printed study certificate, a student certificate for the relevant school year and if there is no student certificate, a printed payment certificate must be brought.


For Your Attention:
* Charging of periodic student contracts (semester and annual) that are also valid for the Light Train, is performed at stations on the line of the bus companies - Egged, Superbus and Kavim (according to the relevant areas) - only.
* Accordingly, the definition of an “Expanded Student” profile is also possible only at the aforementioned companies.

Student profile about to expire
The Light Train validation device provides alerts about multi-line (Rav-Kav) cards which profile is about to expire.
The alert is displayed so that when the card is validated, the orange (middle) light turns on in the validating device and a message is displayed regarding the expiration of the profile along with a different alert sound.
The alert is displayed one month before the profile expires.
Please note that as long as the profile is valid, it is possible to continue using contracts related to the same eligibility charged on the card. However, when the profile expires, these contracts can no longer be used.
The profile can be checked for validity in each of the automated machines at the Light Train stations.

Extended Student

A student who has purchased a semester or annual travel contract must have a student card and a valid study certificate in order to update the appropriate profile on the multi-line (Rav-Kav) travel card.
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Youth (5-18)

Teenagers who hadn't turned 18 or undergraduates in the 12th grade until the end of the school year (August 31).


 Teenagers are entitled to a 50% discount off the fare when purchasing an aggregate value contract with the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card with the appropriate profile.

Disabled / Entitled to Social Security

Holders of a certificate of eligibility issued by the Supervisor of Transportation. The certificate must be presented in order to issue the appropriate card. They are entitled to purchase an aggregate value contract type at a discount of 33%.

Extension of the validity of discounts for recipients of income support, survivors' benefits, and income supplement under the National Insurance Law, currently in validity, until the end of 2018.
Eligible recipients of income support, survivors' benefits and income supplement under the National Insurance Law are asked to access the "On the Line" (Al-Hakav) service stations located throughout Jerusalem with the existing certificate, while new eligible persons shall arrive with confirmation of receiving the annuity from the National Insurance (without a certificate from the Ministry of Transport) and their relevant profile will be extended for another year on their Multi-line (Rav-Kav) card, until the end of 2018.

For your convenience, the list of areas in which you can obtain the service

Soldiers & Police Officers - Validating the Soldier and Police cards

Regular service soldiers and policemen are obligated to validate the Personal enlistment/Police Officer Card on every entrance to the train in the validating machines placed in the Light Train cars.

Reserve Soldiers

Reserve soldiers are entitled to a free trip on the days of enlistment/release from the reserve service by exchanging the voucher they received from the IDF with a travel ticket for the Light Train. The conversion must be performed before the relevant day (of enlisting/release) at Cfir’s service center.

Free Service / Pre-military course / National Service / Service Year

Soldiers in voluntary service, trainees of a pre-military preparatory school, trainees of a semi-military pre-military preparatory school, national service volunteer, service year volunteer - are entitled to free travel, but are required to validate the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card upon entering the Light Train.

To update the profile, go to the company where the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card was issued, change to the appropriate profile, and charge the card with the special travel contract.
Those eligible under this section, who do not have a multi-line (Rav-Kav) card, may go to Cfir’s service center or to any of the public transportation operators, issue a multi-line (Rav-Kav) card free of charge and charge the special travel contract.

For the avoidance of doubt: voluntary service, pre-military course, national service, service year persons are required to validate the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card they have on each trip immediately upon boarding the train.

Members of the Knesset (Members of Parliament)

Former and current Members of Knesset are entitled to free travel on the Light Train, subject to validation of the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card in their possession with the designated exemption contract charged on it.


To charge the designated contract, go to the company where the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card was issued and present an MK/Former MK certificate.

A Blind Person (Visually Impaired Person)

Owner of a Welfare Office Blind certificate, including a guide dog accompanying them.
For the avoidance of doubt, blind people can choose whether to use a multi-line (Rav-Kav) card with a profile that provides free travel or to present their "Blind Card" whenever there is a ticket inspection on the train.

Blind Person’s Escort

A passenger who, while on the train, serves as an escort for a blind person traveling on the Light Train.
This passenger is entitled to a 50% discount when purchasing a dedicated paper ticket for a single train journey.
This ticket does not allow to continue your journey with another train or with buses.
 The card is valid only for the day of purchase and can only be used for the escort of the blind passenger on the Light Train.

Duty to validate


With respect to all enforcement matters, Cfir acts in compliance with State regulations and in compliance with the law, which stipulates the obligation to purchase and validate tickets/cards.

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