Charging the Multi-line travel card (Rav-Kav)

The multi-line card (Rav-Kav) should be pre-charged at the automated machines located in each of the Light Train platforms, at Cfir’s Service Center, at the “On the Line” service of the Ministry of Transport and at the “Rav-Kav Online” website.

All types of cards to the Light Train which are charged to the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card enable free ride On the Light Trains and buses in Jerusalem for 90 minutes from the time of the first validation.
 On each trip, the card must be validated upon entry into the train - both when transferring from bus to train and when switching between trains, including when a periodic or special contract is charged on the card.

According to law and under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, it is mandatory to have a suitable travel card in advance, to validate it in the validation device immediately and at every entrance to the train and to make sure that the validation is in order.

 A passenger who is found without a ticket or a with card that is not legally validated will be charged with increased charges.

 *Increased charge: Full travel price plus NIS 180 monetary compensation under the Card Review Law.
It is the passenger's obligation to present and deliver the ticket to the train inspector according to it’s request.
It is not possible to purchase a travel ticket/card on the train | Keep the travel card/ticket for inspection until you leave the station area.

One-time paper travel ticket

The ticket is validated by inserting it, in the direction of the arrow, into the relevant slot on the validating device at the entrance to the train car.

 Make sure that the date and time of travel are printed on the back of the ticket.
Note: This ticket is valid for the purchase day only.

Multiline (Rav-Kav) travel card

The multi-line (Rav-Kav) card should be validated regardless of the type of contract charged to the card, including when a periodic contract such as daily, weekly, monthly, semester, annual or “aggregate value” travel contract is charged.
voluntary service, pre-military course, national service, service year persons are required to validate the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card they have on each trip immediately upon boarding the train.

The multi-line (Rav-Kav) card is validated by attaching it to the center of the validating device. When properly validated, a green light will appear on the validating device.
The multi-line (Rav-Kav) travel card must be charged in advance at the Automatic Machines located on each of the Light Train platforms, at Cfir's service center , at the Ministry of Transportation's "on the line " service centers and at the “Rav Kav online" website“.

The multiline card (Rav-Kav) is a “smart” public transportation electronic card, which serves as a replacement for the various paper cards and aims to facilitate payment during traveling.
The card allows travel with all public transportation operators in Israel and allows for a free transition between most means of transportation.
On the multi-line card (Rav-Kav), you can charge various contracts such as: a monthly travel card, a weekly travel card, a daily travel card, or an ‘aggregate value card.
The multiline travel card (Rav-Kav) has significant advantages - it is convenient, suitable for any pocket and wallet, one can recharge it and get the discounts that the passenger is entitled to by law.
In addition, the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card eliminates the need to stock up with cash on each trip.
If you want information about the prices and types of contracts on the Light Train, visit here

Personal multi-line (Rav-Kav) travel card

Its initial issuance is free of charge.
The personal multi-line (Rav-Kav) card includes its owner's personal information: Name, ID number, photo and discount eligibility, if any.
On this card, you can update all the personal discount entitlements you have: senior citizen, youth, disabled person, Social Security beneficiaries, students, and the like.
You can charge all the travel arrangements relevant to the passenger's eligibility profile including the periodic travel arrangements.
In the event of loss or theft, a refund can be obtained for the remaining card balance.

Anonymous multi-line (Rav-Kav) card

Its initial issue is for a one-time payment of NIS 5.
The anonymous multi-line (Rav-Kav) card does not include any identifying information and does not allow special discounts for those eligible to get them.
Only ‘aggregate value' can be charged to it at a fixed discount of 20%.
A free monthly contract cannot be loaded on it.
In case of loss or theft, it is not possible to get a refund for the remaining travel balance on the card.

Semi-anonymous multi-line (Rav-Kav) travel card

Its initial issue is for a one-time payment of NIS 5.
The issuance of a semi-anonymous multi-line (Rav-Kav) card shall be made only after the express request of the passenger and its signature on a document informing them that no return will be made and no refund or credit will be given for the travel arrangements charged on the card if it is lost.
In the event of a card malfunction, if it is possible to recover its loaded travel arrangements without accessing information databases, these will be restored.
In a semi-anonymous multi-line (Rav-Kav) card, the validity of the profile for a passenger entitled to a discount shall be in accordance with the validity of the eligibility profile, but not more than two years from the date of issuance of the card.

Duty to validate


With respect to all enforcement matters, Cfir acts in compliance with State regulations and in compliance with the law, which stipulates the obligation to purchase and validate tickets/cards.

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