Duty to validate

General Information

With respect to all enforcement matters, Cfir acts in compliance with State regulations and in compliance with the law, which stipulates the obligation to purchase and validate tickets/cards.

The Light Train is the first means of transportation in the country that is a trust-based "open system"; The passenger is required to pay and validate the ticket independently without going through a checkpoint at a gate or at the driver's.

The directive to validate the tickets/cards is a systemic policy set by the Ministry of Transport in light of their intention to gradually implement more open systems in public transportation measures in Israel, both now and in the future.


The validity obligation applies to all types of cards and tickets, from paper tickets through aggregate value contracts and punch-cards up to subscription cards such as monthly travel cards, weekly travel cards, student travel cards, etc.

This obligation has been set by the Ministry of Transport in order to allow the existence of an integrated public transport service between all operators and to allow the passenger the right to switch between the various means of transport for 90 minutes as of the time of the first validation.

 Without validation on every journey in any means of transport, it will not be possible to maintain this system to the benefit of all passengers


General Information