• 01.11.2021 3:30 PM
    malfunction occured in the validation devices
  • 25.06.2021 3:30 PM
    The light rail ride requires wearing a mask
  • 02.05.2021 11:30 AM
    Changes in the light rail schedule
  • Senior Citizen Discount Eligibility Age Update
  • 14.02.2021
    Payment on the Light Train
  • General Guidelines for the Corona Period
  • Public Transport Fares Update
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Tickets and rates

Card types and rates

The ride on the Light Train is possible by:
•Purchasing a paper ticket for a single trip (without cross-over)
•Loading the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card

A suitable travel ticket must be obtained before boarding the train.
It is not possible to buy a ticket on board the train.

It is currently not possible to pay for a ride on the light rail via a mobile app.
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Discounts and special eligibility

According to the Ministry of Transport's procedures, obtaining discounts on the purchase of travel tickets for the Light Train is only possible through a personal multi-line (Rav-Kav) card issued with the appropriate discount "profile”.
To receive the discount profiles on the multi-line (Rav-Kav) tickets issued, the passenger must arrive at Cfir's Service Center with an identity card and the relevant documents - student ID, Social Security certificates, etc.
depending on the type of profile requested.
The following is a list of eligible people and the required criteria: Discount link.

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Charging the Multi-line travel card (Rav-Kav)

The multi-line card (Rav-Kav) is a “smart” public transportation electronic card, which serves as a replacement for the various paper cards, and aims to facilitate payment during traveling.
The card allows travel with all public transportation operators in Israel and allows for a free transition between most means of transportation.
On the multi-line card (Rav-Kav), it is possible to charge various contracts such as: a monthly travel card, a weekly travel card, a daily travel card, or an ‘aggregate value' card.
The multiline travel card (Rav-Kav) has apparent advantages - it is convenient, suitable for any pocket and wallet, one can recharge it and get the discounts that the passenger is entitled to by law. In addition, the multi-line (Rav-Kav) card eliminates the need to stock up with cash on each trip.
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Duty to validate

According to law and under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, it is mandatory to have a suitable travel card in advance, to validate it in the validation device immediately and at every entrance to the train, and to make sure that the validation is in order.
A passenger who is found without a travel card/ticket or one that was not validated as required by law, shall pay an increased charge.
* Increased charge: full travel price plus monetary compensation in the amount of 180 NIS according to law
During tickets inspection, the passenger is obliged to present and hand over the travel ticket to the train controller upon its request.
It is not possible to purchase a travel ticket/card on board the train | The travel card/ticket should be kept for inspection until you leave the station area.

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General Information